Dr. Abdelfattah Abuqayyas

Abdelfattah Abuqayyas, PhD
Energy Expert, Saudi Arabia
Business Development Director, 
ICT Consultant; +966556642230

Abdelfattah ABUQAYYAS; PhD

ICT Consultant


+966556642230   +962795400600




 ICT Consultant


ICT Strategies, Policies and  Regulation, ICT Studies and Benchmarks, System Analysis Human Capital Development,  Capacity Building.  


A highly qualified and experienced expert practitioner with a comprehensive professional consultancy in ICT Business, Policies and Regulations; Spectrum Management; Information Technology, Internet  Development,  HRD and Capacity Building. Able to develop business plans, perform consultancy, lead change, manage projects, devise and develop coherent strategies.


Expertise and Areas


§  Strategy development

§  ICT Policies and Regulation


§  Business Development

§  Telecom Industry


§  Leadership, and team working

§  Internet and Security


§  Project management

§  ICT Projects


§  Consultancy

§  Radio Spectrum and Wireless


§  Research and  Studies

§  ICT Capacity Building


§  Corporate transformation

§  Benchmarking analysis


§  Capacity building

§  HRD and training


§  Talent and performance management

§  Coaching


Professional Experience; Contributions  and  Achievements


ICT Consultant

Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC)

February 2006 – Present




§  Developing strategies and  business plans and proactively  participating in CITC first and second five year strategies, IT strategy for Saudi Arabia, Broadband Strategy for Saudi Arabia.


§  Developing policy and regulatory  frameworks and public consultations related to various ICT  issues such as: Interconnection, Numbering, VoIP and IP Telephony, Carrier Selection, Unbundling, Quality of service and quality of experience, Wireless and mobile systems  (LTE, WiMAX and WiFi), and many others.


§  Advising on the best transformation strategy, and  projects needed for CITC to meet the challenges of ICT developments in this decade.


§  Developing RFP, evaluating proposals,  for several  projects such as: Human Resource management, Internet Strategy , Internet development plan, IPv6 deployment,   Anti SPAM policy framework; Internet Usage in the KSA, ICT Market study, Strategic HRM, Infrastructure monitoring, Internet awareness, Small and medium enterprises and many others.


§  Analyzing the current and future frequency allocation and frequency assignment. Evaluating the current Pricing  system for Frequency spectrum and developing new pricing formula.


§  Working very close with HRD/HRM  department on Conducting training needs analysis, building training sources database and developing training plans.


§  Member of project teams:  HRM/HRD and Training; Spam project; Internet development project, IPv6 Deployment,  Internet usage study project, SME project, ICT Market Study, Internet Strategy, Internet development plan, HRM Strategy, and many others.


§  Actively working with the National IPv6 Task Force  for KSA in all its 14 meetings and many workshops at local and international levels.   


§  Researching and analyzing the Global ICT key indicators and Indexes and continuous updating and analyzing those indicators for Saudi Arabia .


§  Capacity building of the CITC talent through coaching, workshops, disseminating of relevant documents and materials


§  Conducting studies, research, and benchmarks on various aspects of the ICT:  Competition policy, Universal Service Funding, The state of KSA in the Global ICT indicators, Cloud computing and local hosting, Open source software adoption, OTT and encryption methodologies, VoIP regulation worldwide and many others.


§  Participating as a key note speaker in several ITU workshops, and attending several seminars and workshops.


Arab Centre of Excellence Coordinator (CoE/ARB)

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

November  2001 – February 2006


§  Establishing and managing the ITU Arab CoE:  developing the strategy;  planning,  implementing and evaluating  workshops, forums and conferences.


§  Coordinate the full range of the Arab Centre of Excellence functions and activities.


§  Develop and implement proposals for policy,  operational strategy and financial system of  the Arab Centre of Excellence.


§  Establish  business plans, program sustainability arrangements and promotion strategies


§  Preparing and presenting more than 30 presentations in various ICT, HRD, and capacity building issues such.


§  Contributing - as an expert matter - to the Regional and International workshops and conferences  in various fields: Telecom policies and regulations, Frequency spectrum Management, Internet Security, VoIP,  Wireless Technologies and Services, VSAT and Satellite Communications, Strategic HRM, Talent Management, Change Management and other topics in Human Capital Management  field


§  Representing ITU at several Regional and International events.


§  The main outputs: 35 Regional workshops; 10 International and Regional meetings;

30 Presentations and case studies; 3000 participants


HRD and Training Consultant

Saudi Telecom Company   (STC)

July 1999 – November  2001


  • Planning and coordinating training activities for the Integrated Customer Management Team – ICMS Project of Saudi Telecom Company STC.


  • Developing Training Courses and Conducting Training in the field of Satellite Communication, Marketing, HRM/HRD, Restructuring, TQM, Change Management, Capacity Building  and many others


  • Coordinating  and promoting  and  developing training methodologies and  applications and adopting  advanced training methods.


  • Revising and, improving the new training materials in various HR and Telecommunications disciplines.
  • Benchmarking and adopting the best in class training and capacity building methodologies and practices.


  • Advising the Administration and performing several tasks on various HRD, capacity building and training issues.


Training Director and Dean of Telecom College

Jordan Telecommunication Corporation (JTC)

February 1982 – July 1999


§  Leading the establishment of the first telecommunications college in Jordan, including the development of the curricula.


§  As an ITU field Consultant, Evaluating the training programs and the ITU training project for Saudi Telecommunication centers in Riyadh and Jeddah.


§  Directing and managing educational and training activities in the Telecommunications College.


§  Managing several projects in the field of telecommunications, and training.


§  Coordinating ITU, and industry training activities and projects, for (JTC)

     Jordan Telecom Establishments 


§  Actively participating in formulating telecommunications strategies for the Jordan Telecom Company during the restructuring period.


§  Assisting the Administrations in the implementation of relevant policies and practices in the areas of HRM/HRD, Organizational and Managerial Development (OMD), with emphasis on Change Management, Human Resources Re-engineering and Capacity Building


§  Representing JTC, and participating in several regional and international meetings and conferences.


§  Developing several course materials, lecturing and conducting training in various telecommunications and management fields.


§  Participation at several local, regional, and international training programs.




  • Ph.D.;  Telecom Engineering. Thesis (Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of telecom systems from Moscow technical university of communication and informatics, Moscow 1981 


  • M.Sc.;  Radio Communications. Thesis Satellite and Microwave Communications Systems from Moscow technical university of communication and informatics, Moscow 1977


Professional Development and Contributions


Workshops – more than 50 in various fields, locations


International and Regional Meetings – more than 20 in  various fields and countries


Training Programs – more than 20 training programs in various disciplines


 Contributions – More than 40 Contributions at various workshops, conferences, and seminars




   ·   Excellent in English, Russian, and Arabic languages.


   ·   Excellent knowledge in computer and Internet use and Microsoft applications.


   ·   Member of Jordan Engineers Association (Elected as member of the Association’s Council and Head of the Electrical Engineering Division several times).


   ·   Member of the American management Association.


   ·   Member of the Board of Directors of the Vocational Training Corporation (1994 – 1998).


   ·   Member of the Higher Certificate Accreditation Committee at the Ministry of Higher Education in the period 1997 - 1999.


   ·   Member of the Board of Directors of Al-Arabia for Paper Industry Company 1994 – 1996 and for  ِthe Arab Medical Center Company in the period 1996 - 1999.



Abdelfattah ABUQAYYAS,
Mar 24, 2014, 3:45 AM
Abdelfattah ABUQAYYAS,
Mar 24, 2014, 3:45 AM